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Dogz Masters Sunday May 27, 2018 — Sunday May 27 at 8:00 PM

Agility Trial Volunteer Signup

Masters - Sunday May 27

Welcome to the Dogz volunteer pages where you can volunteer for our trials. To volunteer just click on a "Volunteer" link to volunteer.  Your name will appear and then you can click on it to add a comment or to un-volunteer.
Please note that this page has volunteer jobs that are during the trials, as well as immediately before and after (i.e. pre-trial and post-trial).
Many jobs can be done by high school volunteers for community involvement hours – mostly, you have to like being around dogs!
Please contact Sue if you have any questions.
You need to login to volunteer, or simply click on "Volunteer" and fill in the form to become a Dogz friend. Your contact information will be kept private, only your display name will be displayed publicly.
The volunteer jobs are color coded to help you decide what to do.
  • Green jobs are for anyone, we'll help you learn what to do.
  • Blue means some experience is needed.
  • Black means you need lots of previous agility volunteer experience and knowledge of what the job entails.
Volunteer hours earned for trial work: four hours if signed up for the whole trial, whether tent or ringside or alternatively, one hour per event. Check-in earns two hours. Course building on all builds in a trial earns 2 hours; otherwise, it is 30 minutes per build. Setup earns 2 hours, and post clean-up earns up to an hour.

This is a Dogz trial where your volunteer hours can be applied to your More Dogz volunteer commitment.

Competitor and Volunteer Check-in

8:00 am to end of Second Event
Check-In/VolunteerDana Sz

Trial Events

Standard 1 Snooker Gamblers Jumpers Standard 2 Steeplechase
Gate KeeperAmanda V Manon Brisebois Lilly Niebuhr Lise G. Kristy Nguyen
TimerAlison Amanda V Michele G Alison Wendy / Paul B Michele G
ScribeNatalie Jane Donohue Natalie
Score KeeperMarilyn Fraser
Score HelperEileen French
Scribe RunnerDiane Wynen Christelle Lilly Niebuhr Carolyn
Michele G - for Carolyn
Lilly Niebuhr Kate
Leash RunnerBella Christine B Chantal Michele/Valerie F Chantal
Ring StewardMagda Widlak Patti Waddell Lana Judith TaniaCal
Ring StewardMary T. Natalie SandraF Mary T. Monica K
Ring StewardVolunteer Peggy Story Amanda V Peggy Story Michele/Valerie F Peggy Story
Ring StewardChristine C Volunteer Catherine M Volunteer Majka
Hynek volunteering for Majka

Course Building Jobs
(during events, so competitors DOUBLE CHECK if you are running or not)

Build DURING Snooker 1 Build DURING Gambler 1 Build DURING Jumper 1 Build DURING Standard 2
Chief Course BuilderChris M Sue P Shelley Sue P
Extra Course Builder/TweakerKristy Nguyen Mary T.
Extra Course Builder/TweakerJessica Hogue Mary T. Maryrose Volunteer

Trial Setup/Tear Down

Pre Build Saturday 3pm - 5pm Post Trial Cleanup
(1 hour max)
ChiefsSue P
HelperVolunteer Mary T.
HelperMaryrose Monica K
HelperMagda Widlak Catherine M
HelperMagda Widlak Volunteer
HelperDana Sz